Our fleet of 12 vehicles come with roof mounted arrow boards and customised racking fitted out with all signs & equipment to carry out works on almost any site.

Fully insured and regularly services vehicles are maintained with daily prestart checks conducted to prevent vehicle breakdowns and delays in getting to your site.

We also hire out Variable Message Signs (VMS), water barriers, light towers, traffic lights etc. and have a number of trailer arrow boards for any lane closures you may require.

Advanced Traffic is your one stop traffic spot!

The Planning Process

All works on near over or under roadways is considered high risk work. Unless works are small utility works or works for tram or bus service, all works require authorisation from the governing road authority.

When engaging Advanced Traffic we:

Answer the call / take the job: Whether works are planned or unplanned, our 24hour contact line connects straight to a member of management enabling fast deployment of staff and safety at your site. We ask the right questions (what where when how) to get you the right results. Prepare the plan: All traffic plans from Advanced Traffic are produced using the latest computer aided drafting programs and are designed to conform with Australian standards and Worksite Safety Traffic Management codes of Practice. Advanced Traffic is Vic Roads Prequalified under the (TMP) Traffic Management Plan system To see a sample of the quality please see our gallery Submission to governing authority (Vic Roads, Council etc.) and gaining authorisation: Our quality traffic plans mean the governing authorities can more easily read and understand what is going to be happening on site enabling faster processing and less time wasted in redrawing plans that should be correct from the outset. Carry out the work Job completed safely, timely and within budget.



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